Excellent freight contracts that benefit the customer

Distribusjonspartner is not tied to an exclusivity agreement with one single freight carrier. Instead, we use our broad network to find the best solution to each individual assignment.

The advantage of not being tied to one single freight carrier every time a customer wants to send a package, is that we can choose a carrier which, based on our experience, can solve the task at hand fast, efficiently and at a low cost.

This approach benefits both you as a customer and us as a distributor, as it ensures that we are more adjustable and kept up to date with the market – and the customer is always offered the best available solution for anything from logistics to transportation.

Local distributors and bigger companies

Distribusjonspartner uses local distributors when this provides the most beneficial solution, and bigger companies when necessary. Some companies are particularly favorable in certain geographical zones and may offer better services than nationwide corporations when it comes to these areas.

Our economies of scale are one of the reasons why you should choose Distribusjonspartner. When we distribute goods, it often concerns large volumes, and we have obtained advantageous agreements related to freight i.a. – which our customers benefit from.

We also wish to accentuate the environmental aspect of our agreements, as well as the flexibility they allow when it comes to use of packaging. Our solutions ensure that we never use more packaging than necessary.

Outsourcing of distribution

Traditionally, Norway, as an extended country outside the EU with a relatively small population, has fallen behind the rest of Europe when it comes to outsourcing of distribution and logistics services.

Luckily, more and more companies are starting to open their eyes to the many advantages of leaving this part of the business to a specialist.

By choosing Distribusjonspartner, you are choosing a partner who pays attention and is constantly evolving in order to stay ahead of the curve. We are not only a supplier, but also an advisor, who is more than happy to contribute with experience and expertise when you are considering different distribution channels and working out your distribution strategy.

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