We take care of all the logistics for your e-commerce

When starting or running a web shop, there are many things to consider and many challenges that need to be overcome. Logistics and distribution of the goods from your web shop should not be one of them.

As one of the country’s leading companies in third-party logistics (3PL), we make sure that all the logistics related to your e-commerce is taken care of, allowing you to focus on other matters.

We strive for efficiency and user-friendliness every step of the way – from reception of orders, packaging, storage and distribution to customer follow-up.
Our strength is our ability to provide you as a customer with flexible and cost-effective solutions. This means that we meet the customer’s needs in all parts of the job and arrange for an optimized process all the way from order placement to reception of goods.

Integrations and order systems

Good integrations are a simple and inexpensive way to stay on top of stock and flow of orders. Distribusjonspartner offers and arranges for integrations which make logistics as easy and effective as possible for the customers.
These integrations streamline the process by allowing the customer to connect their web shop or web solution to our order and logistics systems.

Distribusjonspartner provides integration solutions for most web solutions and web shops. As of now, we can integrate these solutions with around 60 web shops and systems, such as the popular solutions Visma, Magento, Shopify, Mystore, Tripletex and Woocommerce.

The advantages of integrations or our self-developed logistics system

By using integrations or our self-developed logistics system, we can take care of the customer’s system and the whole order flow, in one package.

This benefits our customers in many ways. Not only can you easily administrate your inventory, you also won’t have to pay attention to storage locations. Since everything is continuously updated, you’ll save time as well.

With Distribusjonspartner as your logistics operator, stock, inventory flow and delivery are part of an automatic process. The only information we need is the order – which is sent automatically to our system without you as a customer having to worry about anything.

Simple and reasonable

Our integration and order systems provide a simple and reasonable way for customers to administrate stock and inventory flow, as the costs are limited to the installation and a monthly operating cost.

The only measure needed is creating a connection for us to access the system.

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