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Distribusjonspartner AS - a dedicated partner in storage, packaging and distribution

Must have a distribution partner we can trust

The collaboration with Distribusjonspartner gives us an efficient way to service both our sales apparatus and the stores. They have good systems, they can turn around quickly and have things in order. We always have a good overview and can trust that things will be delivered on time.

The collaboration with Distribusjonspartner gives us much more security

The collaboration gives us much more security, especially now that we work from a home office. Distribusjonspartner takes care of the warehouse regardless of whether we are physically in the office or at home, and that is an advantage we have not had before. It is clear that we delegated the responsibility for our warehouse at the perfect time.

Ensures that our products are kept as clean as possible

Distribusjonspartner clearly stood out because they have a strong focus on control, order, tidiness and compliance. They have good routines for cleaning and checking dust and air quality, and installations that ensure that our products are kept as clean as possible in a warehouse.

Through a close partnership, we create value for each other

As one of Norway's largest food companies, TINE® has many large and small campaigns and other marketing activities. With that comes a large inventory of marketing material. This is now handled by Distribusjonspartner.

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Head of customer service

«As a customer, you want a dedicated customer contact, who knows your material in depth, and is on hand to help with any needs that arise.»


Customer consultant

«Sudden need to carry out a large dispatch, but lack of premises or personnel to handle it yourself? We are here to help if you’ve got a hot potato on your hands.»


Customer consultant

«We process orders right from the moment of the order until they arrive at your sellers or customers – be they business customers or private individuals.»