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Since 1989 we have developed significant expertise in our field, which ensures a professional and secure storage of your goods. Distribusjonspartner is one of Norway’s leading third party logistics companies. We make it easy for you to store your goods in our warehouse, whether you are in need of material storage, or extensive logistics solutions.

We put safety first

Our customers can be sure that their goods are stored properly and safely. Our warehouse has a warm and dry indoor-climate, and is well protected against burglary, fire, and water damage. We offer fire protection directly connected with the fire department, an alarm system, and a resident janitor on the property. If necessary, the goods can also be placed in a fireproof storage room, or in a storage room with an extra alarm system and limited access.

Flexible storage solutions

With our company, you can choose short- term or long-term storage. To ensure effective handling of the stock, we mainly store materials on Euro-pallets, but we also utilize pick shelves, poster shelves and floor storage when needed.

It is important for our customers that their goods are stored in a suitable and convenient manner. For this reason, Distribusjonspartner strives to offer flexible storage solutions and a reliable system – quite simply a warehouse that fits the customer’s needs.

Safe and stable

All our customers can be sure that their goods are stored in a safe and suitable manner, in dry and heated premises, where all precautionary measures against burglary, fire and water damages have been implemented. The warehouse has been thoroughly rehabilitated in order to comply with the strict fire and safety regulations that are currently in place. We also provide security alarms, and a fire alarm system directly connected to the Fire Department. At our company, safety and security is always a top priority.

A stable economy in times of crisis

Distribusjonspartner is one of the country’s leading companies in third-party logistics (3PL), and ever since 1989 we have acquired the expertise that is necessary to provide professional and safe storage of your goods. Whether you simply need storage room, or desire a more comprehensive logistics solution, we make it easy for you to store your goods with our company.

Distribusjonspartner has been a reliable supplier of storage and logistics services to our customers since 1989, i.e. more than three decades, and our experience has been an important asset in 2020, a year best described as a year of crisis in Norwegian business. Despite facing several challenges linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, we got through the year safe and sound – without modifying the high standards we set for safety and stability.

In 2021 we stand stronger than ever, and even more experienced.

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