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Quality supplier of storage and packaging services since 1989

When it comes to storage, packaging and distribution, Distribusjonspartner AS is your dedicated collaborator. As one of the country’s leading companies in third-party logistics, we offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs, whether that means performing a single assignment or handling the order process from start to finish.

More than 30 years of experience

Distribusjonspartner AS has a staff of 30 employees with a high level of competence and long experience. Several of our employees have been with us since the beginning in 1989, and can contribute with a level of knowledge, experience and stability that is rarely found elsewhere. Our skilled workers welcome you with a can-do spirit and are more than willing to advice you in order to find the optimal solution for your specific needs.

By choosing Distribusjonspartner, you can be sure that you will be collaborating with a company which…

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Flexibility is our strength

Our biggest strengths are our ability to provide our customers with flexible and tailor-made solutions and our goal to meet the costumers needs in every single part of the assignment. It should be easy, cost-effective and timesaving to work with Distribusjonspartner!

User-friendliness every step of the way

We strive for efficiency and user-friendliness every step of the way – from reception of orders, packaging, storage and distribution to customer follow-up. With modern systems and excellent routines, Distribusjonspartner handles the entire order process – from order to delivery.

Guaranteed processing time

All our customers are provided with a personal contact familiar with their stock. This ensures effective communication and better follow-up. We strive to meet our customers’ needs, and to provide a high level of service and short processing time.

Order and logistics system

Distribusjonspartner offers integrations which make logistics, stock and inventory flow as easy and effective as possible. These integrations streamline the process by allowing you to connect your web shop or web solution to our order and logistics systems.

The customer can also use our self-developed order and logistics system, which operates from one single platform. By logging onto the platform, you can easily view your stock, register orders, collect statistics and more.

Our system is complete, flexible and functional, it is suitable for all types of businesses and runs on PC/Mac, tablets and mobile phones. Orders may also be placed manually with our customer center by phone or email.

All customers decide whether they want to use our self-developed order and logistics system or let us handle the order process in its’ entirety with an integration. We adapt ourselves to suit your requirements!

You only pay for the space you actually use

Distribusjonspartner knows that many businesses have a stock that is subject to significant changes, and thus have changing needs for space and labor. Therefore, we offer cost effective solutions where you only pay for the capacity and space you really use.

Our core business is operation and administration of storage and distribution. Let us handle your inventory, so that you can spend your time and resources on other segments of your business.

We make it easy to move

Many dread moving their stock. We have a broad experience with this process, so do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that we can help you with your move.

Managing your own inventory can be both time-consuming and costly. We can assist you with effective logistics services and distribution that will help you save considerable resources.

In order to fulfil your requirements from the beginning, we put together a team that, with your consent, plans how to move your stock without interfering with order processing. Distribusjonspartner puts the necessary resources into making your move a smooth process.

Better overview = a simpler everyday life

As one of the country’s leading companies in third-party logistics, we take care of everything that has to do with storage and logistics, so that you can focus on the core of your business. Using Distribusjonspartner’s services sand competence saves you time, provides an overview and makes your everyday life simpler.

If you choose to use our self-developed net-based order system, you easily log onto the platform and, at any time, gain full control over your goods, allowing you to check up on your stock.

Your stock is in the best of hands with Distribusjonspartner

Distribusjonspartner holds itself to high standards when it comes to quality and professional handling of goods and materials. Our top priority is that our customers feel safe that their stock is in the best of hands.

Whatever your needs may be, our skilled workers always provide expertise and efficiency, and can help you with anything from manual packaging to assembly work, repackaging, packaging, enveloping, labeling, addressment, cross-docking and EDI-conversion for transportation.

Favorable cooperation agreements combined with solid follow-up from our customer service makes it easy for us to carry out the services you need.

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Large warehouse, centrally located in Ensjø, Oslo


We pack your goods with rapidness and expertise.


Favourable freight agreements that benefit the customer

Dedikert kundeservice

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“Som kunde vil dere ha en dedikert kundekontakt, som kjenner deres materiell inngående, og står på pletten for å hjelpe med de behov som dukker opp.”



“Plutselige behov for å effektuere en stor utsendelse, men manglende lokaler eller personell til å håndtere det selv? Vi hjelper til dersom du har fått en het potet i hendene.”



“Vi behandler ordre helt fra bestillingsøyeblikket til de er fremme hos Deres selgere eller kunder – være seg bedriftskunder eller privatpersoner.”